Gold and Turquoise

Gold and Turquoise

Gold and Persian Turquoise Ring

14k Gold Ring with natural spider web Persian Turquoise

When most people think of Turquoise it is synonymous with silver jewelry and/or beads. Most people today do not think of Turquoise and Gold for a combination in jewelry, which is funny because some of the first jewelry to be made with Turquoise was gold jewelry made by the Egyptians. Early Turquoise jewelry was made mainly as bead jewelry and mosaic stone patterns on bone, shell and other substances. When it was used in metal is was usually yellow gold. Turquoise has tremendous look when paired with yellow gold, it almost seems to glow, for this reason Gold and Turquoise are made for each other. Both blue and green Turquoise look wonderful in Gold and Turquoise jewelry.

In the past it would not be common to see many people other than royalty and affluent people covered in Turquoise. Turquoise has always been very rare as most of what is mined is too soft and not completely formed. This leaves a small percentage of the Turquoise that is gem grade and a small portion that is "high-grade".

Today, the low grade, unusable Turquoise can be stabilized with a resin and used. This allows for common people to wear Turquoise. This stabilized material along with lower grades of Turquoise were the first to be used in mainstream Sterling Silver jewelry. Today, all grades of Turquoise are used in Silver Jewelry. The very best Turquoise is reserved for Gold and Turquoise Jewelry made by the greatest craftsmen.

Gold and Turquoise Jewelry

Today Gold and Turquoise jewelry is harder to find as Silver Jewelry with Turquoise is much more popular and abundant, especially with the high price of gold these days. Many people cannot afford to wear Gold and Turquoise jewelry, but almost everyone can afford to have a piece or two of silver jewelry. Many people also feel that Turquoise looks better when set in silver, we however, do not, we think it is more a matter of your style and taste. The nice thing is that everybody likes something different, so with the variety of colors of Turquoise and the ability to be set into silver or gold and Turquoise jewelry, you can see that the sky stone is very versatile. Thanks to everyone liking something different, fine Turquoise will always be set in both silver jewelry and gold jewelry. On occasion you will even see a piece of jewelry made with Diamonds, Turquoise and gold! The sky is the limit. When you are looking for that one piece of Turquoise jewelry that is over the top, unique and hard to find, definitely consider trying to find some Turquoise gold jewelry. When you are looking for gold jewelry set with the skystone you will need to make sure you visit fine galleries and websites. You will not find real gold and natural Turquoise is bargain websites and low class galleries that have 365 day a year sales.

Gold and Turquoise in Fashion

Gold And Turquoise Ring with Bisbee TurquoiseBisbee Turquoise Gold Ring

Gold and Turquoise Jewelry is more apt to be purchased from very fashion oriented designers, galleries and websites. Most of the people that are purchasing gold and Turquoise jewelry are middle and upper class people who are very fashion conscious. You will notice many super stars wearing gold and Turquoise jewelry, especially the large stone Turquoise dinner rings. In fact, Fashion Turquoise Jewelry is always in style with the celebs, and they especially love Turquoise in yellow gold. The combination can be seen in bead jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and most commonly in beautiful rings. The color blue itself is one fashions favorite colors, so it is natural the Turquoise blue would also be a favorite color amongst the fashion conscience. Gold or golden colors have always been a staple in fashion, these colors have a wonderful earthy feel while feeling rich at the same time.

Together Gold and Turquoise imitate the colors of the earth from space, blue and brownish yellow, thus giving this type of jewelry very natural and appealing feel. People are very drawn to this look, it almost makes you feel at home when wearing it. The colors blend together very well, especially when a jeweler uses the blue or aqua blue green Turquoise with golden brown matrix.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, Gold and Turquoise jewelry has been a staple in human adornment since the humans began to adorn themselves with gemstones and precious metals. Every race and culture of people hold this combination of gemstone and precious metal in high regard. Maybe it is time for you to add some Gold and Turquoise to your personal gold jewelry or Turquoise jewelry collection.

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Blue Wind Turquoise and Gold Jewelry
Lime Green Turquoise and Gold
Gold and Turquoise with Silver

Above are examples of different styles of Gold and Turquoise jewelry by differenet American artisans.

Bisbee Turquoise, Rubies and Gold
Damale Turquoise and Gold Bracelet
Gold and Turquoise Inlay Ring

The gold jewelry above displays the different colors of Turquoise in yellow gold as well as different styles of modern gold jewelry.

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